Alp Group has accomplished its leadership position in the sector by using its deep experience gained from the real estate sector, which has highly garnered the attention of customers and showed up strong developments in the recent years, and accordingly, Alp Group has also achieved to use this experience to meet the growing needs of the market.

Alp Group, with its professional sales and marketing team,  has expanded its service network other than its current buy-sell and rental services by considering any demands of its each customer like doing market research in the direction of investment consultancy, and guiding those who want to become a homeowner or turn their investment into profit. Alp Group, which has been addressed as the true investing point, has provided hundreds of houses to its customers so far. The company, which has already undertaken the sales office of many construction companies, acts by setting organizations and presentations for running buying-selling-rental services in line with the customers’ needs in very short time periods. 

Alp Group, whose services are not limited to the aforementioned ones, carries out research for finding the best bank loan offer for you in the fastest way and presents the options to you in your preferred loan type fitting the real-estate option you want to sell or buy. Our company, which accompanies with its customers on any demand such as sell-buy-rent houses, is dedicated to help its customers by providing further work from preparing the expertise report to getting the subscription for electricity, water and natural gas purchases.

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